Jos den Bekker

Dutch translator Jos den Bekker arrived on 5th March. Jos will be translating into Dutch a work by the Peruvian writer Renato Cisneros, La distancia que nos separa. Jos is staying until 27th March.

Irene and María

The House welcomed Irene Van de Mheen on 26th June. Irene is a Dutch translator and will be with us until 12th July. Her proposal is to translate Hermano de Hielo (the English translation is called Brother in Ice), by Girona writer Alicia Kopf. For her translation into Dutch, Irene is doubling the challenge, as she has decided to work simultaneously with the both Catalan version and the Spanish version (translated by the author).


María Rodrigo, who is studying the Bachelor's Degree in Translation and Intercultural Communication at the Universidad San Jorge, arrived on the same day as Irene. María is doing an internship here at the Casa del Traductor.

Edicions Transiberiano Donation

Last week Dani Lahiguera donated to the library of the Translator's House the dictionary Aragonés-Castellano, Castellano- Aragonés, by Fernando Romanos Hernando and A fabla del Moncayo, written by him. Both books have been published by Edicions Transiberiano.

The Translator's House sincerely appreciates his donation.

The music of poetry in translation

The Translator's House organizes The music of poetry in translation workshop during the 9, 10 and 11 of March.

It is a free activity.

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The music of poetry in translation:

3-day practical workshop with Keith Payne & La Casa del Traductor



“Of the song of him with the world in his care

I am content to know the air.”

(Paul Durcan ‘They say the butterfly is the hardest stroke’)




FRI. 18:00 – 21:00

Introductory Session:

Welcome & Course Outline with Objectives.

Group introductions

Opening discussion on poetry and poetry translation

What can we achieve by listening to a poem?

The practice of reading poetry aloud.    


            Hugh McDiarmuid

            Allen Ginsberg

            Langston Hughes

            Paula Meehan

            Nuala Ni Dhomhnaill

            10 poems from Ireland (Candlestick Press)

 Introduction to the poem to be translated with attention to its rhythm, musicality & tone.


SAT. 10:00-14:00  (with 30 minute break for coffee)


Student Work:

Analysis of the poem to be translated. Making detailed notes of  issues that will arise with its translation as well as all possible variations rhythm, syntax, form, register, sound.

Group Work:

Critique of translation of Lorca’s Waltz Through the Branches with comparative analysis of several translations.


14:00-16:00 LUNCH



16:00 – 19:00

Group work:

Presentation and discussion of a poem chosen by each of the students to identify strengths, weaknesses and blindspots in their own translation work.

Onscreen presentation and discussion of students’ notes from morning session.

Group work on poem being translated





Open session on presenting your poem at a reading/festival

Reading for timing, pause, intonation, music


SUN. 10:00-14:00

Reverse Translation: Spanish-English-Spanish.


Students working on a prose/poetic address to the poem they are translating (this to be handed in at a later date)

Feedback and further work:

A look at the business of translating, how to start, where to submit, what to expect from the industry; pay, conditions, contracts etc.

The Translator's House in Canal Saturno

The Translator's House coordinator and technical adviser answered the questions of Gabriel Sopeña in Aragón TV's program Canal Saturno.

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