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The objective of the Casa del Traductor is to promote, boost and manage all types of activities related to literary translation.  

The mission of the House is also to:

1. Facilitate the work of literary translators by providing a meeting place for translators and writers.

2. Improve the quality of the translations produced by providing translators with appropriate facilities: accommodation, a specialised library, IT tools, internet and a pleasant environment in which to work.

3. Boost the dissemination of Spanish literature, written in any of the co-official languages of the Spanish State, through translation.

4. Foster awareness of foreign literature by its translation into any of the co-official languages of the Spanish State.

5. Support the training of future professionals in the field of literary translation and research.

6. Provide a management model that is collaborative and participatory, involving other organisations and the people of Tarazona. 

7. Establish networks with professionals working in the field of literary translation, translators' associations and schools of translation.

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TRANSLATOR'S HOUSE "Hispanic Centre for Literary Translation"

C/ Ancha de San Bernardo, 13

50500 – Tarazona (Zaragoza) - Spain

Telephone & fax: 976643012

Mobile Phone: 628324593



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