The author-translator relationship in literary works

The first in a series of talks on the relationship between translators and the authors they translate was held on 17th November at the School of Humanities, Universidad de Zaragoza. Talks were also held at the La Pantera Rossa bookshop in Zaragoza, the School of Modern Languages at the Universidad de Zaragoza, and the School of Translation and Interpreting on the Duques de Soria University Campus.

Timothy O’Grady and Enrique Alda led the discussions, which were aimed at translation students, but were well attended also by university lecturers and members of the general public with an interest in the subject. 

The Translator’s House wants to thank all the institutions involved, as well as Timothy O’Grady for sharing his experience of the translation of I Could Read the Sky (called Sabía leer el cielo in Spanish) and Jaime Lapeña for his musical accompaniment.


During his stay in Spain, Timothy had the time to go to the studios of Cadena SER de Tarazona and Antena Aragón (in Zaragoza) to talk about his relationship with the translators that translated his work.

Timothy, Enrique and Javier Fajarnés in the Torre de Babel radio program.

Visit to Universidad San Jorge

Our coordinator visited the campus of Universidad San Jorge on 16th May to meet with students on the Bachelor's Degree in Translation and Intercultural Communication and to explain about the Translator's House and what we do here. It was an opportunity for the students to learn more about our work at the House. 

Moreover, as a result of this initiative the Casa del Traductor and Universidad San Jorge have signed a work-experience agreement enabling two students from the course to do an internship at the House.

Mariana and Taha on the radio with Cadena SER

On 15th November the House coordinator accompanied Mariana Sipos and Taha Ziada to the Cadena SER studio in Tarazona to talk about the translation project that they are working on. They read extracts in Spanish and Arabic from Riña de gatos by Eduardo Mendoza (called An Englishman in Madrid in its English translation), and in Spanish and Romanian from Mira por dónde, by Fernando Savater.

Tarazona Book Fair

The Tarazona Book Fair was launched on 10th November. A roundtable discussion about translation was held on 11th November. The poet Agustín Porras and the translators Taha Ziada and Márta Patak participated in the discussion, which was moderated by the House coordinator Enrique Alda.


Cadena SER radio programme

On 7th November Márta Patak and Enrique Alda went to Cadena SER studio to read excerpts in Hungarian and Spanish from the book En la orilla by Rafael Chirbes (entitled On the Edge in English).

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